Considered Making Your Home in Two Houses?

Buying a second property as your home

Even if you love your home and have not thought about buying a second one, you may reconsider after learning about the tax breaks available to those who own a second home. Many politicians and celebrities use their ownership of several homes to ease their tax burden and so can you! Buying real estate is…Read More »

Can Your Credit Effect Your Home Owners Insurance ?

finding your home

Ever wonder why your insurance agent wants your social security number?   Many people don’t realize that your credit score can effect your homeowner’s insurance as well as your automobile policy. Discounts  Insurance companies will give discounts on your homeowner’s policy if you carry your automobile insurance with them too.  A good driving record will…Read More »

FHA Changes Make it Easier To Buy Your Home

second chance for your home

If you have recently lost your home in a foreclosure, short sale, or bankruptcy, and are looking for a second chance at purchasing a new home, you’ll be excited about this news. Last month the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), recently announced a rule change that will allow many potential borrowers to purchase a new home…Read More »

Your Home and Town Influences Market Value

your home town market value

Although the recently released NAHB/First American Improving Markets Index (IMI) illustrated decreases from April’s 273 to 258, news throughout the United States continues to bode well. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) even feels confident about the future of the housing market and your home.  Do you? In fact in a newly released, “Housing Now”…Read More »

Most Agree Buying A Home is a Good Idea

buying your home makes sense to most

Buying a home is a good financial decision?  That is the question.  A study by the National Association of Realtors®, most by buyers would say “yes”. In 2013 a survey showed that 8 out of 10 Americans believed buying a home was a good financial choice.  More than 50% of renters felt that buying a…Read More »

Report Indicates Stronger Market For Your Home

your home and rising prices

Whether you are trying to sell your home or are hoping to buy, the latest report from Fannie Mae’s Economic & Strategic Research Group shares a positive outlook. The Group report indicates a marked increase in consumer spending since 2010 and a “modest re-acceleration” is predicted for the rest of 2013 due to a stronger…Read More »

Mortgage Rates and Your Home Options

your home and mortgage rates in 2013

Curious about how rate changes may affect your home buying experience? Higher rates may result in adjustments needing to be made on the amount of loan you qualify for, so be sure to discuss your individual situation with a lender, so that you are aware of the options available for your home. Recent rates released…Read More »

Win With Multiple Offers

Multiple Offers On Your Home

With the lack of inventory in the market right now and you are ready to buy your home, there are some important things you should know. Make an offer, a good offer… When you find the perfect home. Don’t loose out trying to “get a bargain”. In a multiple offer situation, this offer may be your best/only chance…Read More »

Buying Your Home and BackUp Offers

Backup Offers on Your Home

As a potential home buyer, you may have started to wonder how and when you are going to find your home… your perfect home. The home that calls your name and makes you feel like you could never leave. The home that you see in your dreams. Or perhaps you’ve adjusted your mindset and determined…Read More »

Inventory Is Low – Sell Now ?

Now May Be Prime Time to Sell Your Home

Thinking of selling… well if there is even a slight chance you may want to sell, NOW is the time! We are now in a seller’s market – inventory at a 13 year low. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports the January Pending Home Sales Index as being at 105.9% which is the highest rate for…Read More »