Lock in Your Mortgage Rate Today!

Low interest rates for your home

Have you taken a look at mortgage rates lately? Today’s recently updated survey by Freddie Mac shows 30 year fixed rate mortgages as averaging 3.56%! The fifteen year fixed rate mortgage is only 2.86% and adjustable rate mortgages are super low, too. The 5/1 year adjustable rate mortgage is coming in at 2.74% and the…Read More »

2012 – An Affordable Time to Buy a Home

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A combination of historically low mortgage rates and declines in home pricing are resulting in the most affordable home market in two decades. This is great news for home buyers, provided they are able to qualify for a loan. Stricter guidelines and qualifications may make getting a home loan more challenging, so potential home buyers…Read More »

Manage Your Real Estate Investments Wisely

THINK LONG TERM AND REAL ESTATE WILL BE A GREAT INVESTMENT Do you want to invest in your future?  Leave money for your kids when you are gone?  Pay for college?  I know a good way to do that… invest in real estate.  Now some of you may not agree with that, but I am…Read More »

Now Is The Time To Get Off The Fence

THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO BUY If you are thinking about buying a home, NOW is the time.  If you are on the fence, it’s time to get off and jump into the yard of your new home !  With real estate prices being as low as they are today and the…Read More »

Using Real Estate To Save For Your Future

Are you saving for your future?  Real estate can be a very good way to secure your financial future… if done right ! When most people think about that question, they usually think about how much money they have in their savings or retirement account.  I think it is really hard for people to put money…Read More »

Buying Rentals… It’s A Sweet Deal.

So You Want To Buy A Rental?  Why Not Buy A House For A Rental? Buying rental property is a great idea, especially in this market… the prices are great and with the super low interest rates it can be very affordable.  In the past with the higher housing prices it was hard to get…Read More »

You Need To Invest In Your Future… Will Social Security Be There For You?

Are you relying on Social Security as a source of income in your “golden years”?  Most people are expecting their Social Security to support them or help support them when they are ready to retire.  Here is a good way to invest in your future. I am looking at my Social Security Statement from February…Read More »