About Central Point

Most people don’t know this, but Central Point got its name from its location, which is almost in the center of the Rogue Valley. Prior to being called the Rogue Valley, it was known as Bear Creek Valley. Old Central Point had several houses, a store, a feed store, a livery barn, a saloon, a school house, a blacksmith shop, and a wagon shop. Keeping with the old wild west spirit, Central Point hosts the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo at the fairgrounds each year.  Great fun for kids and adults alike.

Dogs For The Deaf

Central Point’s present claim to fame is that it is home to the world’s oldest and largest hearing dog facility, Dogs For The Deaf, which was established in 1977. They teach dogs how to respond to normal household sounds. Many of these dogs are rescued from animal shelters. People with a variety of disabilities and challenges including: hearing loss, autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, panic/anxiety attacks, depression, stroke, and chronic arthritis benefit from this wonderful organization.

Rogue Creamery

Established in 1935, this award winning creamery is internationally known. If you love cheese, you got to stop by here !!! Wow, the list of awards they have won is amazing.

311 N Front St Central Point, OR 97502

Crater Rock Museum

Located at 2002 Scenic Avenue in Central Point, you can find many rocks, gems and minerals on display. They feature the exquisite marksmanship of Rogue River Indian arrowheads as well as the other artifacts that reflect the life of these proud warriors. Oregon is know as “The Rock Hounds Paradise”. Ask them about their classes and field trips… great activity for kids.

Jackson Country Fairgrounds/Amphitheater

The Fairgrounds is home of our County Fair each year featuring rides, booths, games, exhibits, and 4-H shows and animal auctions. Also located on the fairgrounds is the Lithia Amphitheater, which hosts many great outdoor concerts.

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