Use Ebay and Craigslist – It’s Easy !

Looking for a home for all that “stuff” you don’t want to take with you when you move?  These days the answer could be only a click away.

Craiglist is great for finding a home for the larger items around your house.  It is very easy to post something on this site, all you need is an email address.  It is helpful if you take pictures of your items, as most people want to see what they are buying before they make a trip out to your house.  You can attach up to four pictures of your item.

Remember when taking pictures for the Internet, don’t make the picture size to large.  It will take to long to load them and some files will not be transferred at all.  You can set your camera to a smaller pixel size or resize them once you load them on your computer.

eBay is another great place to sell smaller items.  It is easy once you set up your account and it is helpful if you have a Paypal account too.  You canset up an auction for your item or just set a fixed price with a “Buy It Now”.  You are charged a fee to list the item and then if it sells they charge you another fee.  But, it is worth it.  You would be amazed at what people are looking for and buy on eBay.

You can actually set up an account with the shipping companies and do all of your shipping from home.  You can use UPS, FEDEX, and United States Post Office.  All you need is a scale and some sticky labels.  This is the best part, you don’t have to go down to the post office to mail something that you sold for $5, you just do it from your house and drop it off in the mail box at the corner.  How easy is that.

So, if you are thinking about moving or just want to clean out your “stuff” (everyone has stuff) then consider these options.  You will be surprised at how the $$$$ add up.

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