Home Selling Tips

These are some great tips for anyone selling their home.

1) Help your home be the best it can be

You want to make a great first impression of your home.  It will involve decluttering, cleaning, and possibly some fresh paint.  You will be surprised what a difference some of this will make.  I can help you decide, which of these will help the most.

2) Make your house feel like a home

The buyers want to imagine that this is “their home”.  You can help do this by de-personalizing things.  Try not to be home when the buyers come through the home, this will allow them to linger and look at details & features that they may normally not notice.   Opening the blinds, turning on lights, and music can help set the stage for a homey atmosphere.  Remember, you live in your home differently than when you sell your home.

3) Let the market speak to you

Listen to the feedback from buyers and agents.  Many times sellers don’t notice something that may be very apparent to others.  If you are not getting any or very many showings, then adjustments may need to be made to the price.  If you are getting showings and no offers, then adjustments may need to be made to the property.  Everything needs to be considered to get the highest price for your home.  With the right advice, you to can get great results… sometimes it just the little things that make the difference.

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