How Buying Your Home is Like Finding the Perfect Holiday Gift

Shopping for your homeLooking for the perfect home… sometimes it is like finding the perfect gift.  Thanks to the Internet, home shopping and gift shopping have become much easier… in some ways.

Great deals on gifts can be found by shopping on different websites like eBay and Amazon  –  but when making a major purchase, you need someone to help you understand all aspects of the real estate market – especially the do’s and don’ts of web surfing for homes and mortgages.

Unlike holiday gift shopping, you may get perplexed or overwhelmed at the in’s and out’s of a home purchase – so working with the right agent can help make the process go a lot smoother.

One part of purchasing a home is the learning process of finding out what is really important to you in a home.  By getting out and “window shopping” you will get a feel for what is out there.   I like to take my clients to look at many homes, even if they are not exactly what they want.   This gives you an idea of what is available in your price range and learn what to expect… many homes look different than they do in the pictures.

Hang-Ups to Buying Your Home

Not working with “a good agent” –  Yes it is true you can search many websites for properties on your own… keep in mind that many of these sites do not provide up to date information.  So many times buyers are disappointed to find that they sold months ago or are no longer available.   I can hook you up with a search site that will give you only up to date available listings in your search criteria.

No imagination – You may need to look past all the boxes or cluttered rooms to see the “real home”.   It is amazing what some paint and carpeting will do.


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