Southern Oregon Humane Society

The Southern Oregon Humane Society is a great organization.  My son and I did some volunteer work there for a while.  I had no idea how many dogs and cats they place in homes each week.

We would go once a week to play with the dogs.  Every week when we arrived I found that many of the dogs that were there had already been adopted.  And they even had new dogs to replace them already.    When they ran low on dogs (several times a month it seemed like), they would drive down to California or other places and pick up a batch of dogs from a shelter where they were ready to be euthanized.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how well behaved these dogs were.  I wanted to take many of them home, really, there were a lot of nice dogs there.

So, if you are in need of a pet, please visit your local animal shelter or humane society.  These dogs truely deserve a good home.  The Southern Oregon Humane Society is located in Medford, Oregon.

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